Aircraft Dealer License 2015

EarthX Motorsports

Authorized  Dealer 





This is my full time job. I focus 100% on all Glasair aircraft. 

Glasair Training Company is independent from and not part of Glasair Aviation U.S.A.

Alan Negrin, CFI, MEI

Based at KAWO
(Arlington Municipal Airport, WA)
Phone: 425-466-8472

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Glastar & Sportsman Transition Training

sportmanAlan Negrin Flying N2CQ Over Seven Devils Hills, Idaho – Photo Courtesy of Chris Rose

Glasair Transition Training

Alan Negrin flying N5415N near the Oregon coast.

Specializing In:

  • Quality Transition Training for all models of Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman aircraft

  • Fly with experienced owner & former factory Demo / Flight Test Pilot / CFI

  • Helping you meet standard insurance requirements

  • First Flights and Flight Testing

  • Aircraft Pick Up & Delivery

  • Aircraft Sales Brokerage Services

  • But most of all, helping you be safe, comfortable and proficient flying your Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman